Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello World

Hello everyone..

Finally got myself a blog. I have been thinking of creating myself a blog since several months ago, but I was just too lazy to do so. To create a real professional blog, I need to think of a domain name for my blog, register it, design the blog layout, then look for a web hosting company to host my blog. Since I am too lazy to do all these things, I go for an easier way - use So I come out with this blog, which is not so professional. :P

Although not a professional blog, I have spent quite some time to design it.
I have added the yahoo emotion icons and some cute expression:
:) :)) :P =))
/hihi /wahaha /omg /dignose /no /sweat

Cool, huh? :P
Do give me some comment on my brand new blog.


Siddharth Soni said...

I like your blog-template. Nice one. Wish I could modify my template like this.

TML said...

Siddharth Soni: Thanks for you comment.. Glad that you like my template :)

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