Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cute Korean Baby ~ Funny

Watch this little Korean kid sings 'Hey Jude'.. it's funny.. love this video :))

My favourite part: "better.. better.. better.. AHHHH!!" =)) So cute~
She's going to be a star one day. :)

More Free Videos here.. Enjoy! ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

MSN Messenger Tricks

In my previous post titled Cool Cool MSN Messenger Tricks, I have given some cool tips and tricks for MSN Messenger (or Windows Live Messenger). I explained on how to change a cool skin and how to remove the advertisement from the MSN Messenger. I also provided some cute MSN emoticons for download. If you haven't read the previous post yet, follow the link above to get all the cool stuff that I have just mentioned.

In this post, I will be sharing a few more cool MSN Messenger tricks. All the tricks that I am going to share will require to have Messenger Plus!Live (MP!L) installed. If you have not yet install MP!L and do not know where to get it, go back to read my previous post. I have given the download link and also the installation guide there.. Read on if you have already installed MP!L.

MSN Messenger Tricks #1 - Sending Continuous Nudge
You might have experienced this before: one of your friend on MSN messenger keeps sending you non-stop nudges continuously, until you can hardly do anything on your MSN messenger. When you try to do the same back to him, you get the message "You may not send a nudge that often". If you have this experience before, I bet you will be desperately trying to find out how did your friend do those annoying stuff while you are not able to the same. And the answer is you need to install the NudgesToolsScript in order to do this. Just download the script and execute it (double click the .plsc file.. you will get a warning message.. just check the the check box that says "I accept the responsibility of installing this script" and click 'Import'). After installing the script, you will now be able to send continuous nudges to your friend with no delay. If you really want to annoy any of your friend :P, type "/sendnudge 1000 100" (without the double quotes) and hit enter. Your friend will then get 1000 nudges every 100 milliseconds! By the default setting, your own chat window will also be vibrating when you send nudges.. To prevent vibration on your own chat window, do this: go to Tools > Option > Messages, and uncheck the "Allow me to send and receive nudges" checkbox so that your chat window will not vibrate when sending nudges to your friend. To stop the nudges, type "/stopnudge" and it will stop immediately.

MSN Messenger Tricks #2 - Find out if somebody has blocked you on MSN
This is probably one of the most frequently asked question: how can I know if someone has block me on MSN messenger. There are lots of online services out there which claims to be able to check if someone has blocked you. As far as I know, many of them contains some sort of spyware, and will intrudes your MSN and sends annoying automated messages to all of your contacts. So instead of using those so called MSN block checker, here's a manual way to check if someone has blocked you:

1. Register a new MSN account. Use a different nick name so that no one can recognize that it's you.
2. Sign in to MSN on both your actual account and your new fake account. Having MP!L installed, you can sign in to 2 separate session of MSN simultaneously using different account.
3. Add the contact that you want to check using your new account. If at anytime, someone appears online, or accept you into his/her contact on the new account, but appears offline in your actual account, he/she has blocked you.

This seems to be a more troublesome way, but it saves you from being intruded by spyware, and most importantly, it works. :)

MSN Messenger Tricks #3 - Cool effects on MSN display name
This is a cool trick that enable you to easily edit your display name and make it looks cooler. Install the script NameEditor. Then go to the script button (somewhere on the top of the messenger), and choose NameEditor > Edit Name. The Name Editor window will appears, which which enable you to fill in some cool effects for your display name. This will easily make your name stand out among all the names in your friends' contact list.

MSN Messenger Tricks #4 - Check Gmail with MSN Messenger
The original MSN Messenger will only alert you when you receive an email in your Hotmail account. With the Gmail Checker script, we will also be receiving incoming email alert for Gmail account. A pretty useful feature to be added to MSN Messenger!

MSN Messenger Tricks #5 - Let your keyboard's LED alert you when you have incoming message
This is a cool script that will flashes your keyboard's LED, and plays a beep sound from your laptop when you receive incoming MSN message. Just install the script KeyFlasher, and start playing around with the script configuration. You can specify which LED to flash (Num Lock / Caps Lock / Scroll Lock), the speed of the flashes, amount of the flashes, etc.. Simple and fun!

MSN Messenger Tricks #6 - Easily translate the text in chat window
Another very useful and cool script to be installed on your MSN messenger is the GoogleTranslator. You can easily translate the text in your chat window into another language by just hitting F5 on your keyboard. As the script name suggest, this script is using Google's translator to do the translation.. which means it supports multiple languages translation! A really useful script.

With MP!L script, there are so many tricks that we can do with MSN Messenger. These are just some of the cool and useful MSN Messenger tricks that people would usually looks for. Hope you find this information useful. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Funny Yoda Video

Yoda is a wise and powerful Jedi master in the Star Wars movie. Now let's look at the other side of Yoda..

Yoda Break Dancing

Not bad for a 900 year old guy.. LOL

Drunk Yoda

"comon .. wasted will get... naar.. whatever. . whatever. . . pussy.." So funny this is.. =)) =))

Monday, February 18, 2008

Use Emoticon On Blogger Blog

If you read through some of the posts on the Cool Stuff blog, you will notice that I use emoticons quite frequently. While writing good article is important, adding emoticons to a blog post makes it looks more interesting. To add emoticons to a blogger blog, follow the following steps:

1. Sign in to your blogger blog, and go to Layout > Edit HTML
2. Add the following line of code to the head section of of your template. The best place to insert this code is right before </head> tag.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"/>

By doing this, you are actually adding a javascript to your blog. Everytime any page of your blog is loaded, the javascript will automatically change certain pre-defined characters / symbols into emoticons.. So after inserting the javascipt, you will use the following pre-defined characters to invoke the emoticons:
Most Yahoo emoticons will work with this javascript. Example:
: ): P
: D:-D: ) )
= ) )=)= D >
Besides Yahoo Emoticons, I have also added the following cool emoticons for MSN into my blog:
/ wa ha ha / hi hi
/ o m g/ n o
/ dig nose/ s w e a t
/ s h o c k/ f l o o r
/ h m m/ X D
/ b l u r/ b l u s h
/ no big deal/ p l e a s e
/ b y e

Please take note that in order to call up the emoticons in your blog post, there should be no spaces in between the characters. I include spaces in the list above because I do not want the javascript to convert them into emoticons, so that you can see the characters. is one of the most popular free blogging platform today. There are millions of blogger blogs out there on the Internet. Adding emoticons to your blogger blog is one of the cool stuff that you can do to make your blog stand out from the others. I like to use emoticons in my post. I express myself better with emoticons.

(p.s. I have received quite a number of emails asking for helps. Unfortunately I do not have time to reply each of them.. If you have problems implementing the emoticons on your blog, try to learn HTML, and some basic Javascript. It should help )

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Funny Baby Video

A baby hiccups, another baby giggles... A cute and funny baby video.. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cool Star Wars Toy

If you are a Star Wars fans, here's a cool Star Wars toy that you may add to your collection -- Transforming Death Star, a 11" tall Darth Vader toy that is transformable to a 6" Death Star.

cool star wars toy
The transformable feature is not the only cool stuff for this toy. The sound effects and the lights will fascinate you. For example, the deep Vader breathing sound is one of the coolest effects from this toy. Try calling one of your friend and let her listen to the Vader breathing sound effect on the phone, and see what happen.. (for better result, call a girl's friend :))). No other Star Wars toy is capable of doing that :P.

Another cool feature is that it can detect which weapon is being equipped on his right hand, and adapt the sound effect accordingly. That's so cool isn't it? And there are bonuses that come with this cool Star Wars toy: mini figures which include a small Vader, three stormtroopers, and three Mini Tie Fighters. An absolutely cool stuff that's worth collecting for Star Wars fans.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cool Robots Doing Kung Fu Dance

Watch this video.. very cool stuff.. a real robot dancing, with a very smooth movement.

Those are really cool robots, aren't they? They are the Sony Qrio. Unfortunately, Sony has stopped the development on Qrio.

Now, watch another version of the video. This is even cooler:

I prefer the remix version :D

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cool Gadgets For Valentine's Day Gifts

Flowers and chocolates are sweet. But they do not last long. So instead of flowers or chocolates, why not give something that last longer on this valentine's day.. a useful cool gadget would be a good choice. Considering the fact that flowers and chocolates are the the most common type of valentine gifts that girls receive all the time, there are high chances that they feel more excited when they receive a cool gadget as valentine gift.

But gadgets are expensive, aren't they? Not exactly. Here's an article from Retrovo that highlights some possible electronic gifts for the Valentines: Best Valentine's Day Gadget Gifts. The gadget with lowest price is only $16 (a digital photo keychain - Coby DP 151). And it can be a great surprise for her if you put in some old photos with sweet memories together into the photo keychain. Of course if you would like to spend more money to impress your girl friend, get an Apple Macbook Air for her. There's no need to do anything extra, like you would have done for Coby DP 151.. and she will still be very impressed :P.

Apple iPod with engraving is also another great choice. Read my previous post about cool iPod stuff for Valentine's day.. Or if your girl friend is one of those who has a very bad sense of direction, Garmin Forerunner 205 is a GPS device that she can wear like a wristwatch.

While the article highlights a few electronic gadgets which could be great choices for Valentine's day gifts, there are certainly more choices than that. You may also check out my previous post on Cool Christmas Gifts 2008, or use Google search to get more ideas.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sky Diving Accident ~ Funny Video

Grandpas & Grandmas, if you are going for a sky diving, be careful and make sure this doesn't happen to you:

:)) :)) funny stuff.. and it brings out a good point here: remove your dentures when you go for sky diving :P.
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