Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bikini Life Jacket

There are lots of designer swimwear available out there, but none of them are as creative as this one:

The bikini life jacket designed by Thomas Bernstrand.
Can't wait to see a real woman wearing this.. =))


Dress That Enable You To Transform Into Vending Machine

Again, some creative stuff from the Japanese. This time is a dress that enable the ladies to disguise themselves to be a vending machine.. Designed by miss Aya Tsukioka, the clothing designer, this creative dress is intended for the ladies to protect/hide themselves from the bad guys.. This is very similar to the ancient ninja's skill.. They(the Japanese) are making full use of their ancestor's knowledge.. not bad..


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Parking Skills - Which one is you?

Watch the different parking style between man and woman from different ages..
Pretty cool video.. I wish I know how to do the "drift parking". :P

Vodka In a Staple

A staple designed for alcoholics.. :))
They can now drink Vodka in the office.. :))

"Work is the real disease!".. Haha.. I have to agree with this..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Most Secure Thumb Drive - The Ironkey

This is the coolest thumb drive I have ever seen. With 4-Gigabytes of storage, the Ironkey includes a built-in hardware encryption chip that scrambles the data so as to be completely unreadable without a password. And here's the coolest part:

"Passwords can be hacked, but not the IronKey. It's built to withstand attacks both virtual and physical. 10 incorrect password attempts, and the encryption chip self-destructs, making the contents of the flash drive totally unreadable. The contents of the drive are filled with epoxy, so if a hacker tries to physically access the chips, he'd more likely damage them instead. Even if he did get access to the memory chips, they'd be worthless without the encryption chip. Electron-shielded, even a scanning electron microscope can't get inside."

Wow.. this device sounds like only exist in the movie Mission Imposible!!

The Ironkey also provide other advance features such as privacy and identity protection. Find out more about This cool gadget by watching the demonstration here.


Indian Music Video

Wow.. Indian dance rocks!! Look at their unique syle of dancing.. don't you think it's cool? I find it funny sometime though.. :P

The Indian version of Thriller :D

And here's another video.. This one is titled "Crazy Indian music videos" in YouTube.. I call the guy in the video the Indian Michael Jackson :))

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Fastest Clapper In The World

Check out this video.. the world's fastest clapper, Kent French, demonstrates how he claps 14 times per second! Pretty impressive..

Optical illusion

If you step further away from your monitor, you will see something else besides the black and white stripes.. Cool huh? :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rollerblade Suit

This is cool.. A Frenchman, Jean-Yves Blondeau, has invented a rollerblade suit with 31 wheels on it. In the first video, you can see him "rolling" himself across the city, wearing his rollerblade suit.. He definitely looks like having lots of fun there.. In the second video, he competes with a motorcycle, with his rollerblade suit!

Friday, November 23, 2007

TIWE - Cool Watch Design

I have to get myself a TIWE when it's release in the market. Currently, TIWE is just a concept that has not been put into production yet. The idea is to display random dots when the watch is not in used, and when it's shook or tapped, the dots will align to show the time in the traditional analog-style. This cool design is the work of Lv Zhongfang.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Japanese Wooden Robot

Check this out. The Japanese robot is completely made up from wood, and she can write japanese words!

Water-Powered Cell Phone

Wow.. Samsung's latest technology make it possible for a cell phone to be powered by water.

"When the handset is turned on, metal and water in the phone react to produce hydrogen gas," explained Oh Yong-soo, vice president of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' research center. "The gas is then supplied to the fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen in the air to generate power." Other fuel cells need methanol to produce hydrogen, while Samsung's needs only water.

Since the micro-fuel cell can generate up to three watts of electricity, it could be used in mobile devices, the company said. The new fuel cell could power a handset for 10 hours, twice as long as rechargeable batteries.

That's technology.. Really amazing!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cube World

Still remember Tamagochi, the digital pet? Well you can forget about it now, because there's something much cooler than Tamagotchi - the Cube World with digital stick man living in it. There are different sets of cubes, and the stick man living in each cube is having different behaviour. Also, there are magnetic contacts on 4 sides of the cube.. so when connected together, the folks in the cube world will interact with each other. What a cool toy!

Watch the demonstration video:

Japanese Crazy TV Show

Japanese are really creative... Watch the following 2 videos and you wil know what I mean..

Dizzy boxing:

Human Tetris:

really entertaining shows :))

Dog Perfume

Now dogs have their own perfume. A London store has launched a new kind of perfume for dogs called Petite Amande, which costs 38 pounds for a 50ml glass bottle. I wonder how does a dog perfume smells.. really curious :P


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Cool Internet Trick

I come across this cool tricks on YouTube. Try it.. it's cool ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Italian Spiderman

Wow.. What can I say about this Italian spiderman.. cool? =))

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guess Who

Look at these 2 pictures.. know who they are?

No idea? That's for sure.. coz both the man and the woman in the pictures are the combination of facial features from various celebrities. Thousands of readers from votes for the most attractive facial features and come out with this picture. Now, look at the pictures again and guess which part of the face belongs to which celebrity.. I hope you do better than me, coz I only got 1 correct :P

Woman: Penelope Cruz's hair, Liv Tyler's eyes, Sienna Miller's nose and Scarlett Johansson's mouth and chin.

Man: Brad Pitt's mouth and chin, Hugh Grant's hair, George Clooney's eyes and Matt Damon's nose.


Wierd Dance

This is the most unusual dance that I have ever seen =))

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Asus Ecobook

Asus is coming out with an environmental friendly laptop - Ecobook. The laptop is covered with smooth strips of bamboo, and 50% of the parts is said to be recycable.

To be honest, "environmental friendliness" is not one of the factor that I will be considering when buying a laptop. But if other aspects of Ecobook is comparable to a normal laptop (price & cost of maintenance especially :P) it's not a bad idea to consider this product. Read the source for more details.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Microsoft Magic

Some of you might have already seen this.. but here you go, some "cool stuff" from Microsoft:

An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as "CON". This is something pretty cool...and unbelievable. At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this happened!

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1.) Open an empty notepad file
2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes)
3.) Save it as whatever you want.
4.) Close it, and re-open it.
A bug? :-??

This is something pretty cool and neat...and unbelievable. At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened! It was discovered by a Brazilian. Try it out yourself..
Open Microsoft Word and type =rand (200, 99) and then press ENTER.
Amazing, isn't it?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Funny Video

Watch this:

The girl need a pair of glasses.. :))

Killer Bean Forever

Check out this cool animation movie trailer - 'Killer Bean Forever'. It was created by Jeff Lew, the former animator of Matrix Reloaded. According to Jeff, he has spent 4 years to complete this movie.

Also check out his early entries in year 2000.

Enjoy :)

The 8-bit Tie

For those who grew up at 80s, do you miss the old style 8-bit video games where everything in the graphics looks like being built from Lego? Now here's a cool stuff that will bring you back into the 8-bit world - the 8-bit tie.

Cool? Go get one, and get lot's of attention.. You would look just like Mario when you wear it! :P

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Hidden Number In Pepsi Can

I never realize that there's a hidden number on every single Pepsi can, untill I watched this video:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hello Kitty Cellphone

Girls.. look at this.. a Hello Kitty cellphone!!

The features of this phone: A display at 120x160 pixels, camera that can take still images or video clips in various sizes and qualities (300K pixels 640 x 480), MMS, GPRS, WAP,.....

Who cares about the features.. you will buy it anyway if you are a Kitty fan. :P
Certainly a cool stuff for Hello Kitty's fans. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wall-E: New Animation Movie From Disney Pixar

Wall-E is the new animation movie from the Pixar Studio that will be screening on summer 2008. Watch the movie trailer of Wall-E:

Here's another version of Wall-E movie trailer. This one looks more like a commercial ads..

If you try to go to, you will notice that the website really exists.. You can even read the "World News" on the website.. Check out the Xanadou shopping pill (under the world news -> science/nature section) - an invention from BnL which can simulate the "euphoric shopping experience"!! =))

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chinese Tattoos Are Cool?

Do you have any Chinese word's tattoo on your body? Do you know the meaning of the word that you have carved on your body? If not, better get someone trustworthy and understand Chinese to help you verify.

Why is it so important to do so? Let me show you this page which list the 'Most Popular Chinese Tattoo Symbols':

1. 笨

2. 性

3. 弱

4. 疱

5. 零

Now, for the 5 chinese words listed above, copy and paste each of them in to google translator, and translate them to English...


Internet is a place full of fake information. I would suggest anyone to learn Chinese before tattooing a Chinese word on his/her own body.
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