Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bikini Life Jacket

There are lots of designer swimwear available out there, but none of them are as creative as this one:

The bikini life jacket designed by Thomas Bernstrand.
Can't wait to see a real woman wearing this.. =))



minyak lintah said...

Lol! Are they for real? OMG..

jorge said...

That is pretty funny, and for a girl that doesn't have any breasts it might come in handy. Over at they profiled something similar called the 'human slinky'

bruxism said...

are they for real ???

Never the less its a nice invention.I cant wait to see womens wearing it and saving their life :))

over from : teeth grinding

Play arcade games said...

looks like wellspent money developing it lol

Cohnsey said...

Are these things real? I hope they dont have one for the guys.

erp said...

i am SO gonna get this. not to be used, just for collection. hahaha...

i wonder how the guys 1 look like.

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