Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Coolest CPU Casing

Which is the coolest CPU casing that you have ever seen? How about this one?

The creator of this casing is Pete Edge. He used 3 weeks of his lunch hour to complete the "casefancasefancase" (that's how he call it :))).. and it's actually working. Wonder how's the performance of casefancasefancase? Here's the result from Pete Edge's experiment:

"The main difference between the casefancasefancase and any normal case is the system or mainboard temperature. After prolonged use it remains pretty constant at about 23-24 degrees Centigrade.

The CPU temp is not as greatly affected, basically because I am using the standard fan/heatsink supplied with the CPU. If I was to shell out for something with big copper fins on it I'd probably notice a difference."

Now, who dare to say his CPU casing is cooler than casefancasefancase? :))



will.spencer said...

I'm sure that his CPU Temperature is awesome -- but how is the noise? [grin]

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