Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thriller - Michael Jackson vs Bollywood

Thriller is another music video from Michael Jackson I really like and have been watching again and again when I was a kid.. I believe many of you have seen this music video before, but the Bollywood version (the 2nd video below) is the one you should check out.

Original Thriller music video (so cool..)

Bollywood version of Thriller (so funny..)

Don't Sign Sponsorship Deal With Soft Drink Company

Want to know the secret to Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Britney Spear, and even David Beckham's decline? Watch this interesting video:

Moral of the story: do not sign sponsorship deal with any soft drink company when you become popular one day :D

Michael Jackson - King Of Pop

I am not the biggest fan of Michael Jackson, but I really like to watch his music videos and his movie Moonwalker. Just too sad that he has left us… Here are some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs and moments:

Every one is crazy for MJ:

My favorite music video of MJ - Smooth Criminal

The Jackson Five - when he was a kid:

And more:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Google Chrome vs Firefox 3 vs Internet Explorer 8

Google Chrome, Firefox 3 and IE 8 are the 3 most popular Internet browsers today. Each has their own good and bad. According to techradar, Google Chrome is best in terms of usability and performance, while Firefox 3 and IE 8 excels in expandability and keeping user's privacy respectively.

Check out the following videos that compare the performance of all 3 browsers by recording the time used by each browser to open Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook.

Different from TechRadar, the videos are suggesting that Firefox is the fastest among all three followed by Google Chrome and IE. While I have tried both Google Chrome and Firefox before, I couldn't really tell the speed difference between the two. So my personal favorite browser is still Firefox because of its expandability. Check out this list of top firefox extensions and you will know why I love Firefox so much. Also, some people dislike Google Chrome due to its default setting that will auto send the usage statistic to Google. Check out this article: Why Not Google Chrome?

Oh, and if you decided to go with Firefox, here's a little useful Firefox tips that show you how to setup multiple home pages in Firefox!
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