Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thriller - Michael Jackson vs Bollywood

Thriller is another music video from Michael Jackson I really like and have been watching again and again when I was a kid.. I believe many of you have seen this music video before, but the Bollywood version (the 2nd video below) is the one you should check out.

Original Thriller music video (so cool..)

Bollywood version of Thriller (so funny..)


gasoline cards said...

I think many can agree that thriller is a timeless video. His album thriller was the biggest selling album of all time! His original 14 minute music video for thriller was also one of the most successful music videos of all time! That number only gets bigger as people go out and buy it in honor of his recent death.


buying penny stocks said...

Not sure what happened, but when I clicked on the Bollywood version, it said that it had been removed by the user. At any rate, "Thriller" is without a doubt the most ground-breaking video of all time. Nobody was using music videos as narratives and mini-movies until Michael came out with "Thriller". He was truly a visionary...I'm very sad to see him go so soon, before his time.

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