Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A cow drinking its own milk

What the!? The cow must be starving.. Someone please feed him..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cool Free Games: Word Frenzy

Word Frenzy is a cool free game that can help you to kill some boring time, and train your typing speed at the same time. If you are bored, try this out.. this kind of cool stuff is designed specially for you :P

Japanese Way Of Learning English

Watch how Japanese learn English.. Kinda strange.. guess they use this video not solely for learning english, but also for their aerobic dancing class :))

Sand Art

This is so cool.. I wish I could do that

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Funny Video: Baby Giving Evil Look

Watch this.. This is so cute..

Give me the evil look.. =))

Futuristic Mobile Phone That Makes Shopping Easier

Nokia is currently developing a cool feature that allows us to go shopping without going into the store. The concept is to let shoppers snatch a photo of items that they want to buy using their mobile phone, then with image regconition software, the phone will find the same item on the Internet, allowing them to purchase the items online. I think this is a pretty cool feature. We can now avoid queuing at the checkout and even buy clothes simply by looking through a shop window and taking a photo of the window display.


Transformers Optimus Prime Costume

The costume is really cool.. But he's like "Okay, I spent 3 minutes to put this on.. now what can I do with it?" :))

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Watch Free Simpson Episodes Online

For those who like to watch movies online, especially for Simpson's fans, good news for you. You can now watch the Simpson Episode online on OpenHulu. Unfortunately it's only available for people living in US. If you are not staying in US, no free Simpson.

Be Careful With Chinese Tattoos

Another news about fake chinese tattoos.. A teenage girl who had her lover's nickname tattooed onto her stomach found out months after they split up that it actually said "supermarket".

There's website on the Internet that purposely trick you to get a chinese tattoo with wrong meaning. Check out my previous post about chinese tattoos. Always double check with a Chinese friend before tattooing a chinese word on your body. If not, just look for popular tattoos instead of the chinese words that you don't understand.

The High Tech Football

Technology makes everything possible. We have seen robot that can play violin, cell phone that powered by water, and now we have the high tech football that can tell the referees when it has crossed the line. Here's how the high tech football works:

"Wires embedded in the pitch around the goalmouth emit a magnetic field which can detect the presence of a specially-designed ball fitted with a sensor. The football can then be tracked its exact position around the pitch.

An encrypted signal is then sent to a watch worn by the referee to let them know whether the ball has crossed the line."
Pretty cool, huh? No more wrong judgement by the referee. The high tech football, however, still need to be tested more thoroughly, and proven that it's 100% accurate before the International Football Association Board approves it to be used in professional tournaments, including the World Cup.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Most Luxurious iphone - Platinum Version

Check this out.. a platinum version of iPhone! Introduce by GoldStriker, the platinum version of iPhone will only be produced for 250 units, and will be available in January 2008. The price will be £1099.95, which is around USD 2230.

No doubt iphone has become one of the hottest gadget for this year. Everyone seems to have one.. Now if you are rich, get the platinum version iPhon, and make yourself special :P

Toyota Robot Playing Violin

With its advance technology, Toyota has produced a robot that is able to play Violin, and sign autograph. These actions might seem simple, but it requires high level of mechanical and electrical control for a robot to achieve. The robot, which is 1.5m tall and weigh 56kg, has 17 joints on both its hands and arms, making it possible to achieve vibrato on a violin similar to that created by humans. Watch this video:

It's always exciting to see such cool technology. With robot being able to imitate more and more human actions, it will soon become an important tool for human to help carrying out various task.. just like what we used to watch in the movie :P


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funny Video: How LOTR Should Have Ended

Watch this.. funny stuff.. especially the conversation in the end :))

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Egornomic Keyboard and Mouse

Check out the SafeType Mouse and SafeType Keybord. With the vertical design, they are said to be able to eliminate the 3 most damaging postures: extension, deviation, and pronation. They look a little wierd to me though.. especially the keyboard..

Cool Illusion: Save Me, Batman!

This is cool!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Cool Christmas Gifts 2008

Update: Cool Christmas Gift 2009 is now available. Check it out!

Christmas is around the corner.. Get ready your christmas gifts for this year yet? If you run out of Christmas gift ideas, here's a list of cool stuff to help you generate some:

Cool Christmas Gifts For Kids:

1. Metal Detector RC Car

A remote control car with the ability to detect metal. It will beeps and lights up when it detects metallic objects. A cool toy that the kids can use for treasure hunt games.

2. Cube world

A cool toy which works kind of like Tamagochi, but much cooler. Instead of digital pet, there's a stick man live in the cube. Each stick man in different cube has different behaviors, and when they are connected together, the folks in each cube will start interacting to each other! I believe most of the kids would love this toy!

3. VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

A digital camera designed for kids.. No high quality pictures or videos from this camera, but the cool thing is that when your kid start taking pictures using the camera, you get a "glimpse" into their world... what they look at and are interested in from their perspective. You can see the world through their eyes!

4. Metal Zero YoYo

For kids who like to play Yoyo, a cool Yoyo made from aluminium will get them excited.

Cool Christmas Gifts For Him

1. iPhone

I am sure everyone know what an iPhone is. If he haven't got one yet, I am sure an iPhone will get him very excited. If he already got an iPhone, getting some cool iphone accessories might be a good choice for christmas gift.

2. Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

A watch with 1GB storage, and USB port. Any guy would love this watch.. it makes them look like James Bond!

Timberland Men's HT2 Watch

This is for men who like outdoor activities. It has both digital and analog clocks to create four different time zones, an altimeter to keep track of your altitude, a thermometer and a barometer to track weather conditions. And, in case you get lost, it has a compass so you don't have to stop and ask for directions.

3. Swiss Beat MP3

A multi-function Swiss Army knife with built in MP3 player. With aluminium case, a high-quality 3 line LCD display, 1GB of storage capacity, and many other great features, a Swiss Beat MP3 is definitely a great choice for Christmas gift.

4. Animated Golfer's Lamp

Turn this lamp on and the golfer putts a golf ball into the cup while the crowd cheers in the background. This is suitable for dads who like golfing.

Cool Christmas Gifts For Her

1. Chicbuds Earphones

A colorful crystal-studded earphones come in a choice of colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple and Clear. Girls will love this.. it makes them look more stylish when using with their iPod.

2. Sony NW-S203 Walkman

Besides the perfect audio performance, another cool feature of S203 is it know how many calories and miles you’ve flamed, and it can select songs to match the tempo of your pavement pounding. A perfect gadget for girls.

3. Laptop Bag For Ladies

ThinkGeek has some fashionable laptop bags specially for ladies. These gorgeous laptop bags cost only around $39.99 - $54.99. It's a lot better than buying some Gucci handbag which can easily cost you 50 times of this price..

4. Philips Swarovski Crystals USB Memory Key

An USB memory key designed in polished stainless steel and Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun. The features include: 1GB storage, Fast data transfer with USB 2.0, and Password protection. Crystal is one of the favorite item for women.. they gonna love this!

5. Pink Laptop

Pink is the favorite color for girls. If she's needing a new laptop, or her current one is already old, a brand new pink laptop will surely be an ideal gift for her!

Update: If you think a traditional laptop is too pricey, consider getting a netbook. It's one of the American most wanted Christmas gift in 2007! Here are some suggestions for pink netbook.

And finally, if you are planning to get your baby a Christmas present, here are some baby gift ideas. Hope the list here will help you to get some unique and cool christmas gifts for your love one. These are just some ideas from the cool stuff blog. Anyone with great ideas for christmas gift, feel free to add on to the list by dropping a comment. :)

Funny Video: Grocery Storee Wars

Watch this.. it's funny..
May the farm be with you =))

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mini Version of Classic Block Phone

Look at the cellphone in the picture.. does it remind you of the old brick-style cell phones? Well, it actually measures only 11 cm in height and 3.5 cm in depth. So it's a mini version of the old classic block phone. Cool, huh? Unfortunately, it's currently available in Europe only.


Hello Kitty Digital Camera

Besides the Hello Kitty cellphone, here's another cool stuff for Hello Kitty's fan -- the Hello Kitty digital camera. Selling at the price of 26,040 yen (around $230), the features of this camera includes: 5 meagapixel resolution, handshaking correction, and the Hello Kitty face will blush when you press the shutter button. I would expect the users of this camera will not care much about the camera's features as they will most probably consist of kids below 10.

Funny Video - Yoda Singing n Dancing

I find ths video really funny.. Look at how the Yoda sing and dance. :))

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cool Video - Sexy Microsoft Office XP Commercial

A suprisingly sexy advertisement from Microsoft..
Sexy and funny.. Cool video..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eye Power - Heal Eyesight Yourself

With Eye Power, you can heal your eyesight by yourself. No operation needed. Just place the device in front of your eye for 10 minutes, and the it will send ultrasonic wave to correct your eyesight to perfect 20/20 health. The device is, however, said to be untested and have no evidence that it's working safely without side effect. You might want to try this device only after it has gone through proper scientific testing, and proven to be safe.


Human Slinky

One of the reader left a comment on this blog that lead me to an Ebay page that's selling something called Human Slinky for.. $800,000!?? That's expensive.. and I have totally no idea what a Human Slinky is. Out of curiosity, I Googled the word 'Human Slinky', and here's what I got:

Those from United States might have already seen Human Slinky before.. it's on America's Got Talent 2007:

Wow.. that's really creative.. but I doubt that anyone will actually want to buy that thing for $800,000. Even with the Human Slinky costume, I guess it's not easy to perform all those actions shown in the video.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here's a cool stuff that you can use to decorate your room/office -- the TwistaLamp.

TwistaLamp is a hand-cast resin bricks that can be connected in a variety of configurations. Each brick has four connectors that let you link up to another brick, and you can link up to as many as 24 bricks. This can be really cool if you have the creativity to connect them in a crative way.

The Coolest CPU Casing

Which is the coolest CPU casing that you have ever seen? How about this one?

The creator of this casing is Pete Edge. He used 3 weeks of his lunch hour to complete the "casefancasefancase" (that's how he call it :))).. and it's actually working. Wonder how's the performance of casefancasefancase? Here's the result from Pete Edge's experiment:

"The main difference between the casefancasefancase and any normal case is the system or mainboard temperature. After prolonged use it remains pretty constant at about 23-24 degrees Centigrade.

The CPU temp is not as greatly affected, basically because I am using the standard fan/heatsink supplied with the CPU. If I was to shell out for something with big copper fins on it I'd probably notice a difference."

Now, who dare to say his CPU casing is cooler than casefancasefancase? :))


Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bikini Life Jacket

There are lots of designer swimwear available out there, but none of them are as creative as this one:

The bikini life jacket designed by Thomas Bernstrand.
Can't wait to see a real woman wearing this.. =))


Dress That Enable You To Transform Into Vending Machine

Again, some creative stuff from the Japanese. This time is a dress that enable the ladies to disguise themselves to be a vending machine.. Designed by miss Aya Tsukioka, the clothing designer, this creative dress is intended for the ladies to protect/hide themselves from the bad guys.. This is very similar to the ancient ninja's skill.. They(the Japanese) are making full use of their ancestor's knowledge.. not bad..


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Parking Skills - Which one is you?

Watch the different parking style between man and woman from different ages..
Pretty cool video.. I wish I know how to do the "drift parking". :P

Vodka In a Staple

A staple designed for alcoholics.. :))
They can now drink Vodka in the office.. :))

"Work is the real disease!".. Haha.. I have to agree with this..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Most Secure Thumb Drive - The Ironkey

This is the coolest thumb drive I have ever seen. With 4-Gigabytes of storage, the Ironkey includes a built-in hardware encryption chip that scrambles the data so as to be completely unreadable without a password. And here's the coolest part:

"Passwords can be hacked, but not the IronKey. It's built to withstand attacks both virtual and physical. 10 incorrect password attempts, and the encryption chip self-destructs, making the contents of the flash drive totally unreadable. The contents of the drive are filled with epoxy, so if a hacker tries to physically access the chips, he'd more likely damage them instead. Even if he did get access to the memory chips, they'd be worthless without the encryption chip. Electron-shielded, even a scanning electron microscope can't get inside."

Wow.. this device sounds like only exist in the movie Mission Imposible!!

The Ironkey also provide other advance features such as privacy and identity protection. Find out more about This cool gadget by watching the demonstration here.


Indian Music Video

Wow.. Indian dance rocks!! Look at their unique syle of dancing.. don't you think it's cool? I find it funny sometime though.. :P

The Indian version of Thriller :D

And here's another video.. This one is titled "Crazy Indian music videos" in YouTube.. I call the guy in the video the Indian Michael Jackson :))

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Fastest Clapper In The World

Check out this video.. the world's fastest clapper, Kent French, demonstrates how he claps 14 times per second! Pretty impressive..

Optical illusion

If you step further away from your monitor, you will see something else besides the black and white stripes.. Cool huh? :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rollerblade Suit

This is cool.. A Frenchman, Jean-Yves Blondeau, has invented a rollerblade suit with 31 wheels on it. In the first video, you can see him "rolling" himself across the city, wearing his rollerblade suit.. He definitely looks like having lots of fun there.. In the second video, he competes with a motorcycle, with his rollerblade suit!

Friday, November 23, 2007

TIWE - Cool Watch Design

I have to get myself a TIWE when it's release in the market. Currently, TIWE is just a concept that has not been put into production yet. The idea is to display random dots when the watch is not in used, and when it's shook or tapped, the dots will align to show the time in the traditional analog-style. This cool design is the work of Lv Zhongfang.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Japanese Wooden Robot

Check this out. The Japanese robot is completely made up from wood, and she can write japanese words!

Water-Powered Cell Phone

Wow.. Samsung's latest technology make it possible for a cell phone to be powered by water.

"When the handset is turned on, metal and water in the phone react to produce hydrogen gas," explained Oh Yong-soo, vice president of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' research center. "The gas is then supplied to the fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen in the air to generate power." Other fuel cells need methanol to produce hydrogen, while Samsung's needs only water.

Since the micro-fuel cell can generate up to three watts of electricity, it could be used in mobile devices, the company said. The new fuel cell could power a handset for 10 hours, twice as long as rechargeable batteries.

That's technology.. Really amazing!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cube World

Still remember Tamagochi, the digital pet? Well you can forget about it now, because there's something much cooler than Tamagotchi - the Cube World with digital stick man living in it. There are different sets of cubes, and the stick man living in each cube is having different behaviour. Also, there are magnetic contacts on 4 sides of the cube.. so when connected together, the folks in the cube world will interact with each other. What a cool toy!

Watch the demonstration video:

Japanese Crazy TV Show

Japanese are really creative... Watch the following 2 videos and you wil know what I mean..

Dizzy boxing:

Human Tetris:

really entertaining shows :))

Dog Perfume

Now dogs have their own perfume. A London store has launched a new kind of perfume for dogs called Petite Amande, which costs 38 pounds for a 50ml glass bottle. I wonder how does a dog perfume smells.. really curious :P

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