Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chinese Tattoos Are Cool?

Do you have any Chinese word's tattoo on your body? Do you know the meaning of the word that you have carved on your body? If not, better get someone trustworthy and understand Chinese to help you verify.

Why is it so important to do so? Let me show you this page which list the 'Most Popular Chinese Tattoo Symbols':

1. 笨

2. 性

3. 弱

4. 疱

5. 零

Now, for the 5 chinese words listed above, copy and paste each of them in to google translator, and translate them to English...


Internet is a place full of fake information. I would suggest anyone to learn Chinese before tattooing a Chinese word on his/her own body.


Play arcade games said...

i find all the people getting chinese tattoos without reasearching it and ending up with wrong symbol.

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