Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cool Stuff For iPod Touch

IPod touch is cool. It is the first iPod model that integrates the revolutionary multi-touch interface. Besides listening to music and watching video, there are lots of cool stuff that we can do with an iPod touch.

Check out this video for a short introduction about the cool features of iPod touch.

Besides the standard features from Apple, there are lots of talented people out there who continue to develop more cool stuff for the iPod touch. One example is the VoIP on iPod Touch feature which makes it possible for you to make phone call on an iPod touch through VoIP. With this feature added, your iPod touch will work just like an iPhone!

Also, check out the virtual guitar on iPod touch / iPhone:

Freaking cool, right? This wouldn't be possible without the multi touch screen technology from Apple. A breakthrough in touch screen technology..
It's not so practical though to play guitar on a small device like iPod Touch :P

Then there's this cool application for iPod Touch called iPhysic:

Cool stuff, isn't it? And here's another video that explain in more details about what you can do with iPhysic and how to get it installed.

Moving on to the next cool stuff for ipod touch, this guy is integrating his iPod Touch to the sound and video system in his car.

I think this is really cool, but I do hope that he does not really use it to watch movie while he's driving :P.

And finally, this video shows some really useful and cool accessories for iPod Touch:

(Update: I found this website with lots of latest info on cool iPod touch case and accessories. Check it out! :) )

These are all really cool stuff for iPod touch.. and I am sure there are more of them. If you know any cool stuff related to iPod touch, feel free to frop a comment and share with us! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mugen Puti Puti ~ Cool Toy

mugen puti puti
Popping the bubble wrap is one of my "hobby" during the childhood.. and I believe many people have the same hobby.. It's just human nature that we all love to squeeze the bubble wrap and listen to the pop sound :P .

Because of this "hobby" that we all have, Bandai has come out with this little cool stuff called Mugen Puti Puti. It's a rubber-covered keychain, with some small buttons on it, that when pushed mimic the experience of popping bubble wrap. The popping sound comes from a tiny speaker in the keychain. What makes it even cooler is that for every 100 pops, it will produce an unexpected sound effect such as dog barking, fart, sexy woman voice, etc...

300,000 unit of Mugen Puti Puti was sold within the first 9 days after it was released in Japan, and Bandai is projecting to sell more than 2 million units by March 2008. It will soon becomes another popular cool toy, just like tamagochi..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Horny Guy

This guy is really "horny".. Watch this video and you will know what I mean..

See why I say he's horny now? :D :D
Btw, that's really cool performance.. must have taken long time to practice.. let's give him a clap =D> =D>

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer - Cool iPod Accessory

Check out this really cool iPod accessory - the Cinemizer from Carl Zeiss. It's a pair of goggle-like glasses that let us watch movies stored on our iPod anywhere.
Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Cool iPod Accessory
"Zeiss promises unparalleled image quality in video eyewear on an imaginary screen with a 45 inches (115cm) diagonal at a distance of 78 inches (2 meters). The video glasses feature integrated headsets and are designed by the people at Frog Design. A wired remote control lets you play, stop and pause the video. The battery of the video glasses is integrated in the iPod dock.
Besides the iPod, other video sources can be connected via the available video-In. The LCD screens used in the Cinemizer have each VGA resolution."

Cool stuff, isn't it? A breakthrough of the iPod accessories, I would say. The only drawback is the price: Zeiss will sell Cinemizer for €369 in Europe through Gravis stores, with a projected $399 asking price in the United States. This is significantly higher than other major competing iPod products. It's a cool but expensive stuff. :P


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cool MSN Messenger Tricks

I am really into MSN messenger. It's one of the coolest instant messaging service that I like to use the most. There are so many fun and cool stuff that can be done with MSN messenger. Most people just install and start using it without realizing all the fun and cool stuff that they could have done. I am going to share some cool MSN Messenger tricks here :).

The first thing that I would always do, is to install Messenger Plus! Live. It's a add-on freeware for Windows Live Messenger which adds lots of features and extras that make your MSN instant messenger easier, more useful or just tons more entertaining. While this software does come with embedded advertisement program, the creator of the software, Patchou is generous enough to let the user choose whether to install the ads. Just choose "I refuse to give my support, don't install the sponsor" during the setup, and the MP!L will be totally ads free. Of course, Pat will be thankful if you choose to support him by installing the sponsor program :P. By having MP!L installed, you already have some really cool features for your MSN instant messenger such as: running multiple Messenger sessions, hiding it in the system tray, multiple tabs chat box, and tons of other cool tricks to play around on your MSN Messenger.

Now, after installing MP!L, another cool trick that I would do is to change the skin of my MSN messenger. The original skin from Microsoft looks clean and neat.. but not cool enough.. not my style :P. So let's give it a cool skin then. With the new Messenger skinning feature in the latest release of MP!L(4.5), installing a new skin is really easy. Choose a cool skin that you like here, and download it for free. After downloading any skin that you like, double click on it (.plsk file), and you will be asked to restart your MSN messenger with your brand new skin.. You can download and import as many skin as you want, then easily switch among all the skins that have been imported at anytime later. If you like, you can even create a cool MSN instant messenger skin yourself using MP!L (read the developer guide here)..

Okay, we have a cool skin for our MSN messenger now.. but the advertisement is spoiling it. So the next trick that I would do is to get rid of the advertisement. (Warning.. This is illegal.. so if you do not want to involve in any illegal stuff, then skip this part :P). The trick to remove advertisement from MSN Messenger, is to use this free software called A-Patch -- an utility to customize visual and functionality aspects of MSN Messenger. A-Patch is available for download here (choose the version accordingly). To remove advertisement from MSN Instant Messenger, follow these steps:

1. Exit from Windows Live Messenger.

2. Extract and execute the A-Patch executable.

3. You will be prompted Advance Options screen on the first run. Just click OK to select the default.

4. On the Welcome window (page 2), select “Patch Messenger” under “Choose an Option”, and make sure the path to the Windows Live Messenger is correct (default should be C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger which is shown automatically, unless you change your installation directory, otherwise leave it as it is.).

5. Choose whatever item that you wish to remove from the Live messenger by checking the chack box, then click 'Next' all the way to the last screen. Be sure to check the "Remove Advertisement" option whenever you see one on each page.

My MSN messenger looks really cool now -- a cool skin with no advertisement. To start doing some really cool tricks from MSN Messenger, we will install some custom developed scripts. That will equip our MSN messenger with some really cool functionalities. This is yet another cool feature from MP!L that allow us to install custom developed scripts to the MSN instant messenger. There is a good collection of cool scripts on the MP!L website that you can download. With these scripts, we can do some really useful and cool stuff like checking gmail with MSN messenger, downloading YouTube videos, or some really nasty stuff like sending non-stop continuous nudge, stealing contacts and images, or impersonate as the contact you are talking with. If you wish to develop your own script, find the scripting documentation on MP!L website. I will be writing another post about cool MSN Messenger tricks using ML!L scripts. Stay tuned. :)
i-buddy MSN messenger cool stuff
Another really cool stuff for MSN instant messenger is the i-Buddy: a USB device that looks just like a MSN messenger buddy characters. This is something extra that is not so related to MSN messenger tricks, but I find this little new product pretty cool. It can interact with events on MSN Messenger: detects emotions (via emoticons) within messages and reacts accordingly. For instance if someone puts a heart emoticon in their message, i-Buddy's head glows and it twists and flaps its wings. And if the blushing emoticon is detected, i-Buddy will glow red. Even cuter, a gleaming red heart in i-Buddy's chest illuminates whenever a contact is online. Isn't that cool? :)

And finally, here are some cute emoticons for MSN instant Messenger:
/hihi /wahaha /OMG /XD /floor /blush /dignose

If you like them, you can download them here.

That's all about the first part of cool MSN Messenger tricks that I want to share. Hope you find it useful :). There will be more MSN messenger tricks that I will be sharing in the coming posts. So stay tuned.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cool iPod Stuff For Valentine's Day

pink ipod nano
Apple really know how to do business. They are offering some really cool stuff for the coming valentine's day that will definitely boost their product sales. I recently receive an advertisement email from Apple about the new pink iPod Nano. With valentine's day around the corner, the pink version of ipod nano is obviously targeting the valentine's day gift market. So if you are looking for a unique valentine gift for your girl friend, the new pink iPod Nano is definitely going to surprise her. Great choice for valentine gift this year!

cool ipod stuff for valentine
Another cool stuff that Apple is offering for valentine's day, is the free engraving service and the cool unique signature wrapping. Anyone who purchase any model of iPod from Apple store can personalize it by adding a laser engraved message on the back of the iPod. Then with extra $5, you can get your iPod wrapped up in a cool signature gift box with bright red ribbon, plus a personalized greeting card.. what a great service.. make our lives so much easier! Looks like Apple is doing everything thay can to earn a valentine gift from us.. :P

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bill Gates at CES 2008

Bill Gates is retiring from Micrsoft, and he is making a video that making fun of himself.. Watch the video.. it's funny :))

Bill, you are so cool! :D

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cool Computer Tricks

When you are on a computer that does not have Internet Explorer, FireFox, or any other Internet browser, how are you going to surf the Internet? The answer is: use the calculator.

This video will show you how to use calculator on Microsoft Windows to surf the net:

This trick works on other Windows application such as Notepad and Paint as well.. This trick does not work on Window Vista though.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

VoIP iPod Touch

Check this out: the Touchmods team have released version 1.0 of SIP-VoIP for the iPod Touch which will allow the Touch to make phone calls over its WiFi connection. Watch the demonstration in this video:

While Apple is seperating iPod Touch and iPhone into two different product lines, the release of such hack is starting to blur out the line. People who hate to sign 2 years contract with the phone company (which is required for iPhone) can now choose to buy an iPod Touch.

There's a limitation though: phone call can be made only when you are in WiFi coverage area..
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