Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cool Stuff For iPod Touch

IPod touch is cool. It is the first iPod model that integrates the revolutionary multi-touch interface. Besides listening to music and watching video, there are lots of cool stuff that we can do with an iPod touch.

Check out this video for a short introduction about the cool features of iPod touch.

Besides the standard features from Apple, there are lots of talented people out there who continue to develop more cool stuff for the iPod touch. One example is the VoIP on iPod Touch feature which makes it possible for you to make phone call on an iPod touch through VoIP. With this feature added, your iPod touch will work just like an iPhone!

Also, check out the virtual guitar on iPod touch / iPhone:

Freaking cool, right? This wouldn't be possible without the multi touch screen technology from Apple. A breakthrough in touch screen technology..
It's not so practical though to play guitar on a small device like iPod Touch :P

Then there's this cool application for iPod Touch called iPhysic:

Cool stuff, isn't it? And here's another video that explain in more details about what you can do with iPhysic and how to get it installed.

Moving on to the next cool stuff for ipod touch, this guy is integrating his iPod Touch to the sound and video system in his car.

I think this is really cool, but I do hope that he does not really use it to watch movie while he's driving :P.

And finally, this video shows some really useful and cool accessories for iPod Touch:

(Update: I found this website with lots of latest info on cool iPod touch case and accessories. Check it out! :) )

These are all really cool stuff for iPod touch.. and I am sure there are more of them. If you know any cool stuff related to iPod touch, feel free to frop a comment and share with us! :)


Bose Speakers Systems said...

I would love to hear that ipod guitar though a Marshall amp! Now that would be cool!

My Sassy Mind said...

Thanks for adding my link. I already add your blog in my blog roll. Nice meeting you :D

easydirect said...

i'm currently designing an electronic guitar without strings that plays like a real one but with the lightest playing action imaginable. Look out for it in the shops one day soon!

easydirect said...

btw I added a link to your blog on our website - its one of the coolest blogs on the net and we love it :O)

Keep up the good work.

neil strauss said...

Now that is just awesome. Imagine having the ipod integrated to the car like in the video. Its sooo cool!!!

anwar said...

i had a phone that was touch screen, and when the screen gave out, i was just lost. . . .

i'm staying away from the iphone.

Anonymous said...

How much does that watch cost?!!

Anonymous said...

How much does that watch cost??!!

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