Friday, December 7, 2007

Cool Christmas Gifts 2008

Update: Cool Christmas Gift 2009 is now available. Check it out!

Christmas is around the corner.. Get ready your christmas gifts for this year yet? If you run out of Christmas gift ideas, here's a list of cool stuff to help you generate some:

Cool Christmas Gifts For Kids:

1. Metal Detector RC Car

A remote control car with the ability to detect metal. It will beeps and lights up when it detects metallic objects. A cool toy that the kids can use for treasure hunt games.

2. Cube world

A cool toy which works kind of like Tamagochi, but much cooler. Instead of digital pet, there's a stick man live in the cube. Each stick man in different cube has different behaviors, and when they are connected together, the folks in each cube will start interacting to each other! I believe most of the kids would love this toy!

3. VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

A digital camera designed for kids.. No high quality pictures or videos from this camera, but the cool thing is that when your kid start taking pictures using the camera, you get a "glimpse" into their world... what they look at and are interested in from their perspective. You can see the world through their eyes!

4. Metal Zero YoYo

For kids who like to play Yoyo, a cool Yoyo made from aluminium will get them excited.

Cool Christmas Gifts For Him

1. iPhone

I am sure everyone know what an iPhone is. If he haven't got one yet, I am sure an iPhone will get him very excited. If he already got an iPhone, getting some cool iphone accessories might be a good choice for christmas gift.

2. Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

A watch with 1GB storage, and USB port. Any guy would love this watch.. it makes them look like James Bond!

Timberland Men's HT2 Watch

This is for men who like outdoor activities. It has both digital and analog clocks to create four different time zones, an altimeter to keep track of your altitude, a thermometer and a barometer to track weather conditions. And, in case you get lost, it has a compass so you don't have to stop and ask for directions.

3. Swiss Beat MP3

A multi-function Swiss Army knife with built in MP3 player. With aluminium case, a high-quality 3 line LCD display, 1GB of storage capacity, and many other great features, a Swiss Beat MP3 is definitely a great choice for Christmas gift.

4. Animated Golfer's Lamp

Turn this lamp on and the golfer putts a golf ball into the cup while the crowd cheers in the background. This is suitable for dads who like golfing.

Cool Christmas Gifts For Her

1. Chicbuds Earphones

A colorful crystal-studded earphones come in a choice of colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple and Clear. Girls will love this.. it makes them look more stylish when using with their iPod.

2. Sony NW-S203 Walkman

Besides the perfect audio performance, another cool feature of S203 is it know how many calories and miles you’ve flamed, and it can select songs to match the tempo of your pavement pounding. A perfect gadget for girls.

3. Laptop Bag For Ladies

ThinkGeek has some fashionable laptop bags specially for ladies. These gorgeous laptop bags cost only around $39.99 - $54.99. It's a lot better than buying some Gucci handbag which can easily cost you 50 times of this price..

4. Philips Swarovski Crystals USB Memory Key

An USB memory key designed in polished stainless steel and Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun. The features include: 1GB storage, Fast data transfer with USB 2.0, and Password protection. Crystal is one of the favorite item for women.. they gonna love this!

5. Pink Laptop

Pink is the favorite color for girls. If she's needing a new laptop, or her current one is already old, a brand new pink laptop will surely be an ideal gift for her!

Update: If you think a traditional laptop is too pricey, consider getting a netbook. It's one of the American most wanted Christmas gift in 2007! Here are some suggestions for pink netbook.

And finally, if you are planning to get your baby a Christmas present, here are some baby gift ideas. Hope the list here will help you to get some unique and cool christmas gifts for your love one. These are just some ideas from the cool stuff blog. Anyone with great ideas for christmas gift, feel free to add on to the list by dropping a comment. :)


Anonymous said...

These are really great gifts. However, they are too expensive and only few can afford to buy their love ones. I hope you can post something that is beautiful enough and not too expensive.

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TL said...

Well it's probably too late for christmas, but you can get a cheap iPhone if you know where to look.

Just search for iPhone auctions and bid smart for a great price!

Play arcade games said...

that metal detector RC car looks priceless

Great Gifts said...

Great ideas.

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Information on Gifts said...

I like watches and pink laptop...

David Higginson said...

Great little One! whose all-embracing birth
Lifts Earth to Heaven, stoops Heaven to Earth.
Keep it up Nice blog.

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