Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dog Perfume

Now dogs have their own perfume. A London store has launched a new kind of perfume for dogs called Petite Amande, which costs 38 pounds for a 50ml glass bottle. I wonder how does a dog perfume smells.. really curious :P



Minyak Lintah said...

What? perfume for dogs? Lol... i guess it smell like... wet dogs.

Ted said...

I'm more curious to know how much perfume you have to put on a you have to rub it deep into the hair or what? But come on...dogs should just smell like dogs.

Rami said...

This sounds good. But im wondering how safe is it for them. My main concern is that it could cause some kind of chest damage. If not then i might give it a try.


Breaking News said...

Don't let my wife see this! She is already trying to dress our dogs up, that's all I need for them to smell like cheap perfume.

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