Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Most Secure Thumb Drive - The Ironkey

This is the coolest thumb drive I have ever seen. With 4-Gigabytes of storage, the Ironkey includes a built-in hardware encryption chip that scrambles the data so as to be completely unreadable without a password. And here's the coolest part:

"Passwords can be hacked, but not the IronKey. It's built to withstand attacks both virtual and physical. 10 incorrect password attempts, and the encryption chip self-destructs, making the contents of the flash drive totally unreadable. The contents of the drive are filled with epoxy, so if a hacker tries to physically access the chips, he'd more likely damage them instead. Even if he did get access to the memory chips, they'd be worthless without the encryption chip. Electron-shielded, even a scanning electron microscope can't get inside."

Wow.. this device sounds like only exist in the movie Mission Imposible!!

The Ironkey also provide other advance features such as privacy and identity protection. Find out more about This cool gadget by watching the demonstration here.



David said...

wow, a usb is so easy to lose. this one makes sure no one can steal your data.

Michael said...

I saw these and have wanted one ever since, pretty cool and secure.

.h.a.i.d.r.i.n. said...

Cool.. Where can i get one eh??

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