Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dress That Enable You To Transform Into Vending Machine

Again, some creative stuff from the Japanese. This time is a dress that enable the ladies to disguise themselves to be a vending machine.. Designed by miss Aya Tsukioka, the clothing designer, this creative dress is intended for the ladies to protect/hide themselves from the bad guys.. This is very similar to the ancient ninja's skill.. They(the Japanese) are making full use of their ancestor's knowledge.. not bad..



Tracy said...

Does this actually work to fool the bad guys? Or is a way to get people to feed you money!

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Chankya said...

I think this is quite nice but it will be more suited to a film. I dont thinks ladies are going to wear this. This kind of stuff could be used in the PSP games or the movies or an animation, not in real life?

gary luckner said...

That would work as a full time job. What do you get for fifty cents.

Gary Luckner

erp said...

where are u going to wear this?

hallowen aye??

hav a nice day!

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