Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson - King Of Pop

I am not the biggest fan of Michael Jackson, but I really like to watch his music videos and his movie Moonwalker. Just too sad that he has left us… Here are some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs and moments:

Every one is crazy for MJ:

My favorite music video of MJ - Smooth Criminal

The Jackson Five - when he was a kid:

And more:


Brochure Printing said...

This kinda made me miss Michael. Especially the black MJ. He's much better than the white MJ, don't you think? Plus, he was so cute when he was still a kid... :D

computer science online degree said...

At any rate, "Thriller" is without a doubt the most ground-breaking video of all time. Nobody was using music videos as narratives and mini-movies until Michael came out with "Thriller". He was truly a visionary...I'm very sad to see him go so soon, before his time.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the guy is dead. The world is better without him

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