Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Asus Ecobook

Asus is coming out with an environmental friendly laptop - Ecobook. The laptop is covered with smooth strips of bamboo, and 50% of the parts is said to be recycable.

To be honest, "environmental friendliness" is not one of the factor that I will be considering when buying a laptop. But if other aspects of Ecobook is comparable to a normal laptop (price & cost of maintenance especially :P) it's not a bad idea to consider this product. Read the source for more details.


wireless unlimited calling plans said...

i have to agree with you. getting a laptop don't have to be eco-friendly. it should be base on the performance of the laptop and and its price. right?

Game said...

This is rather peculiar looking - I think the wood would be too distracting to gamers who like to play stuff that brings flames out on the screen ... I personally don't know about this one :) but I am sure there are a lot of eco-types that would love it!

Video Sharing Site said...

Im mainely impressed due to use of bamboo because it is recycable
thanx for agree with

Anonymous said...

"eco type," "performance #1", etc. etc. etc. i have to be honest, it is mindsets like these, that is, those who are worried about performance and looks with little regard to the ecological impact of a product, who need to wake up and smell the green revolution around the corner. Yes I am a hippie and a pragmatist as well. Either we start getting along with our environment or we will just have to die off. I choose the former.

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