Saturday, July 21, 2007

Malaysia Made Transformers

A friend of mine forwarded this to me.. not sure who is the brilliant creator of these photoes, but here you go, Transformers made in Malaysia:

Proton - Perdana Autobot

Proton - Waja Autobot

Proton - Savvy Autobot

Proton - Juara Autobot

Perodua - Myvi Autobot

Perodua - Kelisa Autobot


Yee Piao said...

Wow, I love MyVi the most but the Savvy looks fake to me though. Lolz...

Ed said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Transformers myself, though I'll be waiting until it hits dvd. Meanwhile, you’ve been tagged. See my post for details.

Capcha Kill said...

KIller pics!

PUA said...

My kids are going mad to see the film. And yes the toys are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

nice... look at the sliviya

Michael said...

Those are sweet

Colin said...

Very cool, that car looks deadly!

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Play arcade games said...

amazing work on those

yakuzas said...

i think proton juara autobot looks like a dog / pet instead

chemical treatment centers said...

Awesome, I want one.

moregadget said...

what a car, hope it will release soon, but I wonder, how much the price is..

Michael Pelabuhan said...

I got it all Figured out...Lets call this movie THE TRANSFOMALAYSIANS

2 sides both at war in SIBERTERON, they come to malaysia to find the SPARK PLUG Cube.

The good guys : Perodua Robotic Buit-in Otomatic Technological Systems a.k.a PEROBOTS
The Bad Guys : Protonicons a.k.a
Proton Inteligent Con artistS

PERABOT is led by Optimus Kancil, BumbleMyvi, NauticaHide, RusaChet and VivaZZ.

Meanwhile the evil Protonicons is led by the despicable SAGATRON, Gen2Out,WiraCade,SatriaScream, WajaStator,NeoCrusher & SavvFrenzy.

Await the release of the Sequel too. TRANSFORMALAYSIANS : REVENGE OF THE MODENAS.

Anonymous said...

the perdana one is prime rite?
and that waja one is bumblebee?
lol..ur creative dude..
agree wif michael pelabuhan..
malasia can have her own version of transformers..hahaha

Zela K. said...

This is really cool. See my post and follow me.

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