Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cool Fighting Game For PC ~ Mugen

I stumbled upon this cool fighting game for PC called Mugen recently. It's a free 2D fighting game (download link below) which I think is quite a cool stuff to do when you are bored :P. If you likes the Street Fighters or Marvels vs Capcom kind of fighting game, then Mugen will be a cool fighting game that you should get on your PC.

Just a bit of introduction for this free PC fighting game, Mugen is a freeware 2D fighting game engine which allows anyone to create characters, background stages and other game objects through interpreted text files, graphics, and sound compilations.
It's originally designed by Elecbyte, and was released in 1999. Since then, people from all around the Internet have been creating all kinds of 'crazy' characters for this fighting game. Besides the normal well known Marvels vs Capcom characters, there are Super Marios, Rockman, Naruto, Aliens & Predators, Final Fantasy characters, Dragon Ball characters, and much more weird characters which I don't recognize. In fact, it was this video in YouTube which catch my attention to find out more about this PC fighting game:

Mugen Battle Superman vs Goku (what a crazy combination :P)

So if you are interested to get this cool fighting game on your PC, here's the link to download: After downloading it, just extract the zip file and run the winmugen.exe file. It's just a Mugen starter pack which contains 25 characters and a few stages. To get more characters and stages, you will need to search from the Internet to download.. and there will be some steps that you need to follow to install new characters, which is not covered in this post. Just playing with the starter pack alone is enough to waste a few hours of your time.. You are warned that Mugen is a highly addictive fighting game for PC.. so play at your own risk.. :P


jamaine12 said...

After reading the game's name..It reminds me of a bar that I've visited couple of days ago..^_^

Free ipods said...

Sounds like something I could waste a fair few hours with! I remember when Street Fighter 2 Turbo Came out on the SNES and I played it so much in the first month of having it I went through 3 joypads! Creating your own characters sounds cool too, any idea how difficult it is?

Music & Movies - Direct Download said...

That's a good one, it remind me of those games we used to play in the past. I'll give it a shot definitely :)

PR4 Directory said...

Cool! I would download that game for sure ;)

I'm a fan of the dragonballZ series.

dragon said...

it a god site.

grid said...


excellent info cool idea.

skip said...

wow,sound like a cool game.i remember when the first time i played king of fighter,nearly damage my keyboard to do various combo.i hope this game will not make me do it again..^_^

erp said...

Nice game. It really reminded me of the olden fighting game tat i used to play when i was young.

Anonymous said...

How actually violent is it? My brother was asking about free fighting games the other day which lead me to this post.

But after reading the likes of this-
my parents don't want anything to crazy on our PC.

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