Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indian Superman and Spider Woman

This is really hilarious.. Indian Superman and Spider Woman.. Watch how they save the world! =))
Can't stop laughing while watching this video..
Hope you enjoy it too :)


Ryan said...

This was one of the most funniest videos I have seen in a long time. Now after seeing it I have sent the video to all my friends so they could see it and they all thought it was hilarious as well. Do you have any more funny videos? Even though Superman is my favorite super hero it is funny to see someone doing stuff like that with spiderman and spiderman being a woman at that.So keep up the funny videos and posts and I will keep showing them to everyone I know. Thanks for the great laugh and keep up the great work...
Thanks Again,

cohnsey said...

not too bad. i actually enjoyed the video

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