Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Cheapest Way Of Making Long Distance Call

I would like to share my experience of using the cheapest way to make long distance call. When I was in US for the past 2 months, I called back home and I called my gf almost everyday. The duration of each call is more than 45 mitutes. But it only cost me 10 Euro Dollar (about RM 46.65) to make all these calls, I mean all calls between the 2 months time during I was in US. /hmm

The way that to do this, is to use VoipBuster, a VOIP service provider which is similar to Skype, but cheaper. The reason that I choose VoipBuster, is simply because it's free to call from PC to Malaysia land-line (provided you have some credit in it's account). So what I did is I bought the minimum amount of credit which is 10 euro dollars (RM 46.65), and start calling back to Malaysia land line for free. The 10 euro dollar credit will not be deducted by calling Malaysia land-line, so I can use them to call Malaysia mobile phone line which cost o.o4 EUR (RM 0.19) per minute. Of course, there needs to be an Internet connection to use this service, and the hotel that I stayed includes free Internet connection.. /XD

The only drawback though, is that there will be some delay (about 1 to 1.5 seconds) when talking through VoipBuster, but is acceptable to me. So if you need to travel to other country for a long period of time and you want to call your girlfriend or boyfriend or mother or father or whoever everyday, try this method.


apalalu said...

i use
just checked both website, and, look like both websites are very similar, probably different in some words and colors. what the h*ck they are doing??

TML said...

They are from the same company..I did a search on google, and found other pp discussing about same thing.. besides voipbuster and voipstunt, there are more voip services provided by this company:
Sparvoip, Voipcheap, NetAppel, Voipdiscount, Webcalldirect, etc.. with each of them having some differences in the list of free countries.. no idea why they do this..

Larry said...

Thanks for very useful post! How about Skype? Or it's more expensive than your way?

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