Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How To Use Google To Search

I know everyone knows how to use Google to search. I am not trying to insult whoever reading this post :P, but there are some features on Google that not everyone of us knows about. Here are some useful samples:
  1. Calculator - try enter '12 + 34 - 56 * 7 / 8' or whatever basic arithmetic in Google search box and hit search.
  2. The '-' operator to filter word from search. Example: bill gates -microsoft will search for the word Bill Gates but not the word Microsoft.
  3. The 'define:' operator provide definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web. Example: define:ipod
  4. The '..' operator search within a range of numbers. Example: Die Hard 1..4
  5. The operator 'movie' will Find reviews and showtime. Example: movie: Harry Potter
  6. The 'related:' operator list web pages that are similar or related to the URL. Example: related:www.google.com
More to learn on the Google Guide.


Yee Piao said...

This is a good guide for those searching the term 'football' but don't want those 'american football' stuffs popping out.

Nice guide here anyway....

Nan said...

That is definitly some useful tips and tricks! Google just keep improving.

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks. there were some things in your post i didn´t know... google is even more powerful than i thought.

thanks for visiting ;)

sharpsourcing said...

hey this is such a nice tips, still you can use + operator to add word in search query, one more tip if u are searching for any perticular word in url for search engine optimization than just write this query: inurl:word
here word= any word which u looking for. i hope it will help a lot.

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